Griffis Sculpture Park – Exploring the Western New York area

Griffis Sculpture Park – Exploring the Western New York area

Hi everyone!

Long time n20160522_104709o see! This summer I was lucky to graduate and Bear came to spend a few days with me in New York. We had plans to go to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville – NY but unfortun
ately the first day that we had plans for Zip lining, the weather was too cold. So the second day we had plans, we arrived there too early, so we decided to head to the Griffis Sculpture park in East Otto -NY for a quick and short hike. “The park features over 250 large scale sculptures dispersed through miles of hiking trails. Each sculpture was placed with the natural setting in mind, creating a truly unique experience between art and nature.”(Taken from description -link below)




Entrance of the park!

The park is easy to get to, and it is also free. There is a small yellow box in front of the parking lot where you can leave a donation of the maintenance of the park. If you walk a few meters, you’ll see the entrance of the park, and the trail is very easy to follow, often there were marked maps that explains each section of the park.

We probably finished the park within an hour and a half, we took our time enjoying the sculptures and taking pictures. There are events there in the summer such as concerts! This is a family friendly park and very easy to navigate, if you are bringing a dog, make sure it is on a leash. I would say that it is the perfect short hike if you are in the area and different than most parks out in the area.

And as of our Zip Line adventure… Well.. When we got back to Elicottville it started to thunder and pouring rain! So we took the time to shop around and have some yummy food at a local bar! 🙂



Griffis Sculpture Park Facebook page

Griffis Sculpture Park page


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