My 3oz day hike emergency kit

My 3oz day hike emergency kit


Hi Everyone!

Lately, I have been taking great pleasure in making small emergency kits for my day hikes, and it also makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays (hint)! Also, other than the tic-tac case and tweezers, most of the items you buy will come in multiples, which means you can make awesome gifts that won’t cost you much! One of the few downsides of this is that it is not waterproof, but the most important “dry” items I keep in small zip bags.
The total weight is approximately 3oz. – 85gr
Most of the items I’ve bought at dollar stores, Walmart and

You can buy a 200 mints tic-tac box at your local supermarket or they sell packs of 4 on – eat the mints or save them for later.. up to you!!
Some people also like to use Altoid boxes, but sometimes that can get rusty!

So what’s inside?

  • 14 x 16″ (31.5 x 41cm) piece of folded aluminum foil (You can find this cheap at dollar stores) – this item can have multiple uses, you can use to start/keep fire and cook food, fold it into a small box for collecting or boiling water, wrap it around a hook for fishing (the light will reflect and attract more fish) as well as a signaling aid!
  • Bic Lighter – This item is great to start fires (duh!!) and easier than dealing with matches or other ways to start a fire.
  • Small tweezers – I am sure there are fancier tweezers out there made for survival, but I am going with something I’ve owned for a while. This is great for splinters, first aid, or even using it as a screwdriver.
  •  Fishing hooks (3 different sizes) and fishing line – The sizes of the hooks are just in case – you can still catch a big fish with a smaller hook, but you can’t catch a small fish with a big hook. This can help you catch fish, as well as use the line in case of emergencies for shelter, first aid and gear repairs.
  • Small super glue (mine is smaller than the one linked, I just couldn’t find it on Amazon) – I’ve only discovered the use of super glue a while back since I’ve always used duct tape – used for  first aid, repairs, and an alternative to duct tape.
  • Mini Duct tape  – I just rolled the tape into something smaller, there’s plenty of tape here. This is one of my favourite items, it can be used for the repair of gear, make “weapons”, first aid, insulation, and many other things.
  • Thread and needle – My scale couldn’t even weight this item lol – used for repairs, if you are going to more intense hikes/backpacking trips, I’d recommend something slightly better and stronger needles.
  • First Aid Items –  I have 1 small gauze, 1 regular sized band-aid, 3 alcohol pads, 1 pack of triple antibiotic ointment, and 1 pack of “Aquaphor” (burns and skin irritation) – these items would work for small injuries/cuts, since it was made for a day hike, I would expect to be able to go back to safety in case something more serious were to happen. If you are going to intense hikes/backpacking trips, I’d invest more in first aid.
  • Pills – I carry 3 salt pills with me, these are amazing for muscle cramps and replenishment of electrolytes, as well as 8 Motrin 200mg pills in case of an injury, headache, and minor muscle aches.
  • Water Tablets – Even though I carry my Life Straw or my Mini Sawyer everywhere, I still feel safe with Water Tablets. One little tablet will filter 1L of water in 30 minutes. These tablets do not leave your water with a gross taste, and won’t give you tummy aches. I’d recommend even keeping some at home or your car in case of emergencies.
  • X-acto Blade No.2 – This baby can be extremely useful and sharp! You can make a small knife with it, first aid, and fix gear.
  • 3-in-1 screwdriver tool (Slotted, Phillips, Allen)- this actually came with my glasses, which can be very useful for electronics, a lot of headlamps or other items will require a screwdriver in order to change the batteries. It came as a key-chain, which I removed in order to make it lighter.
  • Fire Starter – The baggie has 3 matches, and three tinder-fire tabs – in case the lighter does not works, these should be enough to keep me warm for a while.
  • Bobby Pins and Hair-tie –  Mostly just for my hair, but I can also use the hair-tie to keep things together like a rubber-band


How much does everything cost and weight?

  • Empty tic-tac box  .63oz – 18gr   $2.99
  • Aluminum Foil  .12oz – 3.5gr        $1.00
  • Bic Lighter .67oz – 19gr $ $7.82 pack of 5 $1.56 per lighter
  • Small Tweezers  0.21oz -.6gr $5.99 for two $3 for each
  • Fishing hooks and line .07oz – 1gr $6.99 for 101 hooks (4 different sizes) and $8.49 for 1275yd of line
  • Superglue .07oz – 2g (.5g for just the tube) $3.49 pack of 4  $.87 per tube
  • Mini Duct tape .10oz – 3g $2.99 for 15yds
  • Thread and needle ? $2.00 for 24 spools and 3 needles $.08 per spool
  • First Aid items .35oz – 10g $13.77 for a lot of items, just pick what you think is best for you, this should last you for a long time!
  • Pills 6g
    • Salt pills  $21.95 for 100 capsules $.21 per capsule
    • Moltrin 200mg – $7.87 for 100 capsules $0.08 per capsule
  • Water tablets ? $13.99 for 50 tablets $.27 per tablet aka 50L of clean water
  • X-acto blade ? $2.66 for 5 blades $.53 per blade
  • 3-in-1 screwdriver tool .03oz – 1g $7.99 for a 5 pack  $1.59 per item
  • Fire starter .14oz – 4g $2.50 for 20 matches $.12 per match and a waterproof case (which is not included in my kit) tinder $5.91 for 8 sticks $.73 per stick
  • Bobby pins and hair-tie ?  $1 and you can find these at any dollar store!



Any suggestions for things to add to the kit, please let me know!



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