Grouse/Lynn Canyon, The Sequel

Grouse/Lynn Canyon, The Sequel

Lynn Valley


In order of your reading this seems like a prequel but let me assure you this is a sequel. Think of it like Star Wars. If you’re a first time reader however, this is definitely a prequel and you should read on. Now that we cleared that up, I’ll introduce you to Lynn Valley, the entrance to Lynn Canyon. Lynn Valley is where I call home and I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but I’ll power through it and say it’s a truly amazing place to live. Not owning a car myself I can still access all of the hiking I could ask by foot from my doorstep. “I don’t live there, how do I get to Lynn Valley?” you ask? It’s fairly simple. By car simply exit Highway 1 at Mountain Highway or Lynn Valley Road. By name it is sort of obvious that mountain highway is the express way to the top. It’ll take you right through the heart of Lynn Valley Centre and intersects with Lynn Valley Road on the way so it’s the exit I recommend. The Lynn Valley Road off ramp exits at, you guessed it, Lynn Valley Road. Turn right and it’ll take you to Lynn Valley Centre.

Now that you’ve read Lynn Valley more than you thought imaginable I’ll make you read it more by explaining the transit access for those that don’t drive here. I’ll use Lonsdale Quay as a start point because if you’re staying downtown it’s one of two options from downtown to Lynn Valley. You can either board the 210 bus at Burrard Station downtown, which is the express bus so you need not switch anywhere on the way. But if you wish to explore Lonsdale Quay on the way you can take the 228 bus from the Quay directly to Lynn Valley Centre, you can’t miss your stop because there are two. From the Centre you can take the 227, which goes to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, or the 210, which goes up Mount Fromme just shy of the top. Mind you that’s a “Shore” just shy so it’s all uphill from there.

Lynn Canyon is full of numerous amazing hikes such as Kennedy Falls, Lynn Peak, Coliseum Mountain, Norvan Falls and the grueling Hanes Valley route which takes you to the top of Grouse. Like Grouse, honestly all of the Shore, the hikes in the Canyon are steep and physically demanding. There’s no such thing as a leisurely hike here (Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge doesn’t count as a hike) so bring your A+ game otherwise the mountain will definitely get the better of you. Overtime I’ll elaborate more about the hikes I’ve mentioned, I promise.

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Lynn Valley Centre can be considered the hub for Lynn Canyon. It’s the middle ground of all things Lynn. However, if you wish to say that you conquered the entire Canyon you must start at the bottom of Lynn Creek. The Sea to Sky trail intersects the Baden Powell Trail as well as meets up with the suspension bridge. It’ll take you from bottom to top and exit the canyon up to Grouse. You limit yourself to how far you can go. If you like you can even cross over to Seymour along the Baden Powell. Or follow it to Cypress as I mentioned previously. That’s what makes the North Shore so spectacular. It’s endless.


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