Airports are interesting places. I grew up going to airports since my father usually travels about 20 times a year for work. I’ve been to a couple of different in countries and traveled back and forth to Brazil and Canada. An airport is a place where you can see important business men and women running up and down to catch the next flight to an important meeting,  it is also a place where you experience the joy and happiness of individuals and their families getting ready for a getaway from their regular lifestyle to relax in an exotic beach, go camping at a national park, or shopping at a big city.
For me, airports are bittersweet. Usually I’m excited to know that traveling to places such as São Paulo or Vancouver is made possible so easily (but pricey) to see my loved ones, it gives me butterflies in my stomach because I miss them so much and there is usually a long gap in between visits. I love getting off the plane and having that healthy anxiety to grab my bags, knowing that a loved one is waiting for me after an automatic opening door, and after you cross that “barrier”, my eyes wander around, starting to look everywhere, searching for a familiar face. Finally!  Sometimes the person spot you first, sometimes I spot them first and I can feel my body getting warm and fuzzy, there they are! It is only natural to open a big smile and go for a tight hug – it is always a different type of comforting hug,  it is special. Those long and annoying flight hours, the confusion and  rush of airports, customs, and sitting next to random people for a few hours are totally worth it just as you embrace a loved one.

Then…  It is time to revert everything, the last couple of hours together are shared between repacking items and getting ready to return to reality. Hugs are different, they feel heavy and a gloomy vibe in the air prepares me to be apart once more. The airport… Now it feels like there is no rush or butterflies in my stomach, – at least they are different kind of fuzzy feelings, I already know what to expect when I come back home. However, I know that my amazing mother and dogs are going to be waiting for me, I miss my busy work and school schedule, and I miss my bed. I am leaving a loved one to go back to another loved one. I realize am a lucky person to have multiple homes and different people waiting for me at airports, it can be in Buffalo – New York,  São Paulo – Brazil or in Vancouver – British Columbia.
Would I love to have everyone easily accessible if they lived close? Of course. I haven’t seen my siblings in two years…  I miss them, but I also believe that being apart makes me a better person. I don’t take time together for granted, I enjoy every single second that I get to spend with a loved one. Thanks to airports I learned to appreciate company of people and be mindful of how much you can miss someone who you love.


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