Minimalism – Decluttering round 1 part 1: The bathroom.

Minimalism – Decluttering round 1 part 1: The bathroom.

Hello, welcome back!

As I have mentioned on my previous post, one of my goals for this year is to live a more affordable, less cluttered, and happier life. When I came back from my trip to Vancouver (which I plan on writing about soon), I promised myself to start getting rid of things/stuff that are clogging my life.
I went to Walmart and got two big red bins to put things I wanted to sell, then a few 50L black contractor bags for donations or garbage/recyclable. This is just phase 1 – since I have been done with “round 1” I feel like I was not able to really get rid of a few things, others were stored or really easy to toss in the garbage or put inside a donation bin. It was a very interesting experience, I felt freedom, happiness, and I was proud of myself all throughout the process.
The book suggested I should start with my car, but my car has always been clutter free, so the next easiest part of my house would be the bathroom.

I TOUCHED, HELD, and REFLECTED about every single item that I have/had in that bathroom.

Certain things I had to actually think about it, it made me think of how long I have owned it, and how many times have I used it. Other things I simply put away – I made a big holiday purchase at Bath Body Works during Christmas time, so instead of leaving only one soap out, old me would leave out 2 or 3, cluttering my shower and never really finishing one soap entirely before opening a new one. So I picked one and put the rest away – I’ve stored these items because it is not like all of the sudden I am not going to need soap anymore! Now I only want to buy new soap when I am out of it, not when they have a new seasonal collection or a great sale. I had so many things that are half used, it made me feel slightly upset, especially for my skincare that I ended up throwing away because it was old. I didn’t use it all because it was halfway through before I purchased a new item and ignored the half used one instead of finishing it – What a waste of money!

I quickly realized that owning too many of the same things and trying to use everything at the same time was one of my biggest issues. In order to save money, I usually buy in bulk, things like toothpaste, soap, shampoo… but instead of using one at a time, I wanted to have everything out – you’ll see on my pictures.  I think it took me approximately one 3-4 days to really go through everything. Most of the items went to the garbage or my mom and friends actually wanted it, such as perfume and hair/skin products. I highly recommend people to going through this experience, you’ll love it.

Before – I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was so into the process… but here you can have an idea of how things looked like


After – So much better, huh? I added a $9.99 two drawer storage to put my hair-ties and some tools like nail clippers and things like that (which you can’t even see on the third picture because it is so cluttered).


Lastly, I also have my towels, pjs, and gym clothes in the bathroom. I got rid of a lot of gym clothes and pjs, keeping only the newer things, I own a lot of workout clothes since I enjoy hiking or taking walks on a daily basis. Most of the pjs were old t-shirts that ended up in the garbage and some of my older towels were given to my dogs. I wish I had taken a picture of how this looked before, it was literally just a pile of clothes. Now my workout bras and pants goes in one bin, my towels in the other bin, while my workout t-shirts are under the bins inside a drawer and my pjs take the other drawer.


I hope this inspires someone, someday to follow such an amazing path! 🙂 I promise that you will not regret doing this.


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