Sometimes life gets in the way of following your dreams…

Sometimes life gets in the way of following your dreams…

Since I have started this blog, my ultimate goal was be to be able to make some extra money with blogging. I kinda feel like as life gets busier, I struggle to manage the time to sit down and really write about everything that I have been going through and planning for my goal of hiking the AT next year in order to create a fun, laid back, and informative blog.

Time management has been something that I feel like I fail on a regular basis. I have gone to Costa Rica, went on a solo camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains, I am planning another solo camping trip soon and I have not been able to write about it at all.

Sometimes I am randomly doing things and the idea of writing a post comes to mind, and I start a post on my phone as a reminder to seat down and finish it and I never have the time to get back to it. I am finishing my Master’s degree in December and a really good job opportunity has surfaced that might force me to post-pone the AT for another year, but it guarantees me a good job once I am back, which brings me peace of mind.

I plan on spending the rest of my summer dedicating some time for this blog. I hope one day my dream of becoming a travel blogger will come true, or at least be able to help other travellers and hikers to stay motivated to follow their dreams and goals.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes life gets in the way of following your dreams…

  1. As a blogger, I know first hand how the struggle is real. It’s a balancing act, I find it easier to do a list of things I have to do each day and try to stick with it. It honestly works for me.

  2. Time management is so tough for everyone. I too find it hard to fit in time. What I have found is scheduling in 30 minutes here and 15 minutes there has really helped me find more time. Best of luck to you!

    1. I am trying to see if writing at the gym while I am on a bike or elliptical might help me “multi-task” to make sure my blog gets to where I want to take it.

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